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Concrete Facts And Cleaning Pointers

Concrete Cleaning Facts

Flat concrete surfaces are an afterthought for most homeowners, but some forethought and a little professional pressure washing can make your driveways, sidewalks, and concrete surfaces look better to increase curb appeal and pride of ownership; and last longer, to save the cost of early repair or replacement. We've got some helpful concrete facts and hints to help you maintain your driveway and flat concrete surfaces, but when it's time to deep clean, call the concrete cleaning professionals at Realm-ality Pressure Washing LLC.

Curb appeal begins at the curb and ends with your home's exterior and roof, but don't forget that your driveway is the link from your curb to your home's structure so your driveway is a key part of your property's curb appeal; and stained, cracked, discolored concrete driveways may catch eyes in a bad way and certainly don't raise property values. Putting in a new concrete driveway is not a quick, simple, or inexpensive project, so it pays to be proactive by properly maintaining your concrete surfaces with proper care habits along with regular professional pressure washing.

A Concrete Overview

Concrete is extremely porous, and those pores are a natural part of the curing process of the concrete as the water evaporates out. Over time, rain carries road dirt, salt, and other contaminants into the concrete through those pores making it look dirty. And those small pockets offer organic organisms like mold, fungus, and algae a place to put down roots and grow.

There are a few factors that can cause discoloration in concrete, but curing inadequacies are the most common. When concrete is new, a curing agent is applied to it, giving it a whitish color. Over time, this curing agent will naturally wear away. As it wears away, the natural, darker color of the concrete will present itself. It is important to make the distinction between dirty concrete and worn concrete, and between natural fading and rust-like discoloration common in areas with high iron in the groundwater.

Concrete's Soft Side

While concrete is inherently hard, tough, and strong, its surface is still susceptible to scratching, chipping, and other damage. Be careful with metal-edged tools to avoid scratching your driveway and make sure your lawnmower is set to a higher blade setting when driving over it.

Oil And Concrete Don't Mix

When oil stains penetrate your concrete, they can be extremely stubborn and difficult to remove, and the quicker you are to respond, the more likely you are to prevail in the constant battle against oil stains. If the oil spot is still wet, you can apply something like cat litter or baking soda to soak up as much as possible, thus avoiding saturation that will penetrate deeper into the pores of the concrete with time.

Once you've removed all standing oil, apply water to the stain and scrub with a brush using a solution of water and baking soda, before rinsing away. Repeat the process until satisfied, or call Realm-ality Pressure Washing LLC and let us make it like it never happened.

Frosty Concrete Facts

While melting agents like salt effectively melt the ice on your driveway, their long-term effects can damage your concrete. Salt will decrease the freezing point of liquids on the concrete, which causes water to pool, and freezing and thawing of ice and water will occur more frequently, leading to fissures and cracking of concrete in time.

Create A Concrete Schedule

Professional driveway washing scheduled on an annual basis is essential in extending your concrete driveway's life and putting off expensive replacements and repairs for as long as possible. Mold, mildew, fungus, and algae will naturally find their way to your driveway over time, which can speed up concrete and cement deterioration.

Using variable pressure and specialized cleansers, a professional exterior cleaning company that combines pressure washing and soft washing techniques can ensure you'll get the best cleaning and maintenance results for your driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots.

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